A Stratford resident for nearly 30 years, Immacula is a practicing and teaching nurse, wife, mother, and grandmother. She's running for mayor to return the great town of Stratford to open, accountable, transparent, and honest government.

Immacula Cann

For nearly 30 years, Immacula, her husband Greg, and their four children have called Stratford home. Along the way, she's used her experiences in life and as a doctorate in nursing to better our community.

For Immacula, running for mayor is one more way of giving back and ensuring that every resident can thrive again.

Immacula Cann is a Board Certified Psychiatric and Mental Health Registered Nurse, with a Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree from Northeastern University. Immacula has over 27 years of professional nursing experience, working with non-profit organizations, state-licensed social service agencies, and health care facilities.

Immacula has been continuously recognized as an outstanding employee with the State's Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) where she's been responsible for the Southwestern region's training and staff development initiatives.


Immacula Cann has been a Stratford resident for the past 28 years.  She is the mother of four children and has five grandchildren, three who are also current residents of Stratford.  Immacula has a high degree of involvement in the Greater Stratford community, and she currently serves on a number of boards and commissions.


Immacula is a lifelong advocate for social justice, families, and children, with local and international experience developing/implementing education-focused policies and programs.