Fighting for StRATFORD

Immacula's excited to share her vision for a brighter future in Stratford. 

Economic Development
After twelve years of missed opportunities by Republican leaders, Stratford remains a “distressed municipality,” the first step on the grim road to a state takeover of town finances. Our tax base can't keep up with expenses or inflation, and projects with the potential for $50 million in outside investment are years behind schedule. As your mayor, Immacula will make Stratford a destination for growing businesses, make sure development projects like the Shakespeare Grounds and Center School get the attention and investment they deserve, and harness growth to deliver real tax relief to our struggling residents.

Despite high spending (and the added tax burden that comes with it), our students simply aren’t getting the quality education they deserve. Over the last decade, spending has increased 40% per student, yet half our students aren't getting what they need to meet grade level standards. Our outcomes compare poorly to our neighbors, and despite repeated requests for a top-to-bottom audit of spending, we still lack transparency. As mayor, Immacula will lead by setting clear expectations and ensuring teachers & students have the resources to meet them—and I’ll always do it openly.

For years, Republicans have silenced voters by Gerrymandering districts to keep more seats for themselves. But a diverse community deserves diverse leadership, ensuring our town makes decisions that improve the lives of all. As a union delegate always advocating for our workforce, and as a member of the League of Women Voters and executive committee member of the NAACP, Immacula understands the importance of diversity. As mayor, she'll increase diversity in hiring, ensure fairly drawn districts, and invest in our housing stock, building a Stratford that works for everyone.